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This website has been developed to make information accessible, easy to find and easy to repurpose.

We follow international accepted codes of practice, notably the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). Not only does this guarantee that your site adheres to standards, it encompasses substantial usability, accessibility, future-proofing and search engine optimisation features. Our standards adherence for this website include XHTML and CSS.

Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C)

RSS feeds RSS

RSS feeds allow one to syndicate news or other content. The feed is an XML file that can be read by special feed reading software (called 'news readers', 'feed readers' or 'news aggregators') that you can use from your web browser. You can view and manage feeds in Internet Explorer 7 (Tools > Toolbars > Feeds) . In this way you will be 'fed' South Ocean news articles to your browser, desktop or online news service.

Knowledge management Knowledge management

We encourage you to store bookmarks on other bookmark aggregators (eg: Delicious), or refer news articles to colleagues (eg: Digg), or store information on other accounts you may have (eg: Google, MyYahoo!). This icon will allow you to do that, by clicking on it when you are on your target page and following the instructions that appear.


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Access keys can be used to navigate through the website by means of using your keyboard. The accesskeys specified for this website are:

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Style sheets

You may import your own style sheet into this website as follows:
Select Tools
Select Internet Options
Click on the Accessibility button (see representation below)
Click on up to three checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes
In the same window, to change your style sheet, select the checkbox: 'Format document using my style sheet' Browse to your style sheet and click OK



We expect visitors to be employing Internet Explorer 6 and 7 or Mozilla Firefox to view this site. Some advanced features may only be available to users with more recent (generation 7) browsers, although most of the site is designed to be version 5 browser compatible.

File formats

We place Portable Document Files (.pdf extension) on the website where it has provided the source material, is not available in other formats, or where it is not expedient to recreate the document as HTML. We suggest you right-click on the PDF link and save to your desktop, and then view from there.

Flash files (.swf extension) are used to display important messages or functionality in a space where HTML wouldn't work. Think of flash as an animated billboard or an ATM kiosk: much information can be displayed by rotating the screen

Video and audio files (.wav, .mp3 etc) may be used on this site as they often convey more than written text is able to. We include video and audio from other suppliers where they are made publically available.

Files marked as podcast files can be played by clicking the link. Or you can download them and transfer them to your mp3 player (eg: iPod or other) for playback when its convenient.


We urge you to consider the environment before printing. Website pages should print true to screen display, and PDF will also print true. Check your settings and preview the print before printing.