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South Africa

About Voermol

Voermol Feeds, a division of Tongaat Hulett, manufactures a wide range of quality VELD SUPPLEMENTS that meet the requirements of grazing animals under almost all conditions, including: Maintenance Licks, Mineral Licks, Transitional Licks, Production Licks and Energy Licks.

We also manufacture a wide range of quality CONCENTRATES for the use of home mixing of the following: Fattening Feeds for cattle, sheep and goats; Dairy Meals; Complete Dairy Feeds; Feed for replacement animals, stud animals, game and Creep Feed.

In addition, our range of quality LIQUID FEEDS can be used for the enrichment and enhancement of grains, liquid protein licks; the enrichment of low quality roughage, the preservation of grass silage, the preservation of drought maize silage, the prevention of wastage of unpalatable low grade roughage, and for cattle and sheep feedlots.

Voermol’s proud history of innovation and growth started in 1958 with a vision that animal feeds could be manufactured from molasses and bagasse, both by-products of the Tongaat Sugar Mill which is situated next to Voermol Feeds at Maidstone, KwaZulu-Natal. At the end of January 1962, the first bags of Voermol Meal came off the production line and Voermol became the first company in Africa and possibly the world, to successfully commercialise a combination of molasses and bagasse, thus converting molasses from a difficult to handle product into one which could be conveniently fed alone or mixed into other feeds.

Voermol’s Product Development Programme has always been research led. Voermol has a well equipped laboratory which received ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in March 2010. This ISO 9001 implementation ensures that all quality control systems are in place, all equipment is properly maintained and accuracy of analyses are closely monitored. Voermol ensures that products are evaluated and new feeding schemes are developed on various farms for research purposes. Some of Voermol’s most noteworthy achievements in the animal Feed Market have been:

  • The introduction of Liquid Feeds in the early 1960’s
  • The use of dry season Maintenance Licks
  • The feeding of whole maize in Beef Fattening diets
  • A simple and fool-proof cafeteria system of fattening for Farm-Scale feedlots
  • The packaging of Liquid Feeds in containers as a ready-to-use Liquid Feed for grain enrichment
  • The development of our Beefmaker system which involves ad lib feeding of a Concentrate and enables the farmer to use his home-grown maize without any milling or mixing required
  • The introduction of Supplement Feeds to dry and wet season grazing in block form which are easy to handle, ready-to-use and supply a wide range of essential trace minerals

50 Years of Outstanding Quality and Service

It's through the production and marketing of outstanding, cost effective products over the past 50 years, as well as the development of solid, long-term relationships with farmers, agricultural companies and suppliers, by a highly motivated team of professional, dedicated people that Voermol Feeds has become the leader in the molasses based animal feed industry in South Africa.