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TEG Offices – Amanzimnyama Hill - Tongaat

TG Offices
Amanzimnyama Hill - Tongaat

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South Africa

Technology Group


Tongaat Hulett’s technical resources are centered in the Technology Group (TG). The primary purpose of TG is to provide equipment, design and consulting services to the Tongaat Hulett mills and refineries across Southern Africa. Selected equipment design and consulting service are sold to external customers, locally and internationally.

The activities of TG include the following:-

Operations Support

TG’s team of Engineers, Chemists and Sugar Technologists have experience in all aspects of cane sugar processing and engineering. Performance at our nine operating centers ranks amongst the most efficient in the world.

Technology Development

TG undertakes the development and/or application of new processes, equipment and operating techniques to improve the profitability of sugar mill and refinery operations.

General Sugar Mill Equipment Designs

Equipment designs and manufacturing drawings are offered for a range of sugar processing equipment as detailed below: For further information a separate document describing the Designs in more detail is available here.

  • Shredders / Cane Knives – Heavy Duty
  • Diffusers (Cane and Bagasse)
  • Juice Heaters
  • Vapour Heaters (Direct Contact type)
  • Evaporators
  • Kestner type
  • Robert type
  • Entrainment Separators (Vertical Chevron – Internal & External)
  • Condensers for Evaporators & Pans (Internal & External)
  • Batch Vacuum Pans & Stirrers
  • Continuous Vacuum Pans
  • Vertical Crystallisers
  • Massecuite Reheaters
  • Remelters
  • Sugar Driers
  • Sugar Refining Equipment
  • Direct White Sugar process
  • Rotary Distribution Apparatus
  • Fluegas Scrubbers
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

New product Development

Tongaat Hulett continually evaluates business opportunities. Many of these opportunities extend the value chain of the land management, farming and agri-processing capability of Tongaat Hulett. The first project to produce high purity liquid fructose was implemented at the Huletts refinery in 2008.

Technical Audits and Feasibility Studies

TG undertakes investigations and feasibility studies for cane sugar mills and refineries including:

  • Greenfield projects
  • Factory upgrading and expansion
  • Factory rehabilitation
  • Energy use optimisation
  • Selection of optimum process technology

Equipment Commissioning and Training Services

TG supply experienced engineers and sugar technologists to commission new equipment purchased from Tongaat Hulett or through one of their licensees. Hands on training in one of the TH factories can also be arranged when equipment is purchased.