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South Africa


That first sweet sip of your morning coffee; the perfect cake for a special occasion; a delicious sugar-free treat at tea time. These are just some of the ways in which Huletts makes every day sweeter for millions of South Africans. Throughout the brand’s history, maintaining the values of quality, consistency, realness and connectedness has been essential to successfully adapting and developing into new range extensions, and even new product categories.

The strength of the Huletts brand continues to grow after more than 120 years, and while the exceptional quality of its ever-increasing range of products is certainly a key factor, so too is the brand’s enduring relationship with consumers and communities alike. The awards won by over the years attest to this, and include numerous recognitions in ‘best product’ and ‘favourite brand’ categories.

While health and wellness trends show no sign of declining, the occasional indulgence is once again gaining momentum, as consumers strive to create balance in their lives and celebrating special occasions becomes even more important. For those special occasions, Huletts continues to offer its speciality range, including magical flavoured icing sugars in Chocolate, Strawberry and Cappuccino, cubes and crystals, sweetly squeezable syrups – flavoured and Golden Syrups – and old favourites such as castor sugar and icing sugar in user-friendly, resealable doy packs. Products such as Huletts Fructose provide even more options, and there are many more exciting additions in development.

There’s no doubt however, that at the heart of the range one will still find Huletts White Sugar and Sunsweet Brown Sugar, available in a variety of pack sizes, sweetening the lives of thousands of South Africans every day. Some things don’t change!

But consumer needs certainly do, and so does the way they interact with a brand. While traditional media such as radio and print advertising are still a part of the marketing strategy, the brand team constantly seeks out new engagement opportunities. Taxi branding and taxi rank media are a vibrant platform for the brand and are extremely popular. Online media provides a great opportunity to engage with consumers personally, for example via email newsletters, and a highly interactive website.