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Bundaberg Sugar http://www.bundysugar.com.au/ Bundaberg Sugar, Australia
Chicago Board of Trade http://www.cbot.com/
Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture http://www.state.ct.us/doag/
Connecticut Dept. Of Agriculture.
Dow Agrosciences http://www.dowelanco.com
GrainGenes http://wheat.pw.usda.gov GrainGenes is a compilation of molecular and phenotypic information on wheat, barley, oats, rye, and sugarcane.
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University http://www.genome.ad.jp/kegg/ Starch & sucrose metabolism.
Technische Universitat Darmstadt http://csi.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de/ak/immel/ Computer simulation of clinical and biological properties of saccharides.
International Sugar Journal http://www.sugarjournal.com/ The world's leading sugar magazine covering every aspect of the sugar industry in English and Spanish.
Kenya Sugar Authority http://www.tcol.co.uk/orgs/
The country's sugar authority.
Lycos InfoPlease http://lycos.infoplease.com/
Information about sucrose from Lycos' encyclopaedia.
South African Sugar Association http://www.sugar.org.za SASA essentially acts as a third party on behalf of the South African Cane Growers’ Association and the South African Millers’ Association Ltd.
South Indian Sugarcane & Technologists Assoc. http://www.sugar-ind.com To undertake, carry on and help research and other scientific studies in connection with the Sugar Industry including cane cultivation, factory technology and allied disciplines.
Sugar Research Institute http://www.sri.org.au SRI's activities include fundamental, strategic and commercial research projects which address the short and long-term needs of the member sugar mills. It also provides consultancy and design services and manufactures a limited range of equipment for the industry.
Sugarnet http://www.sugarnet.com Anything & everything to do with sugar!
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture http://www.econ.ag.gov Government agriculture department.
World Sugar Research Association http://www.wsro.org A world-wide alliance of sugar producers, processors, marketers, users and their associations.
Fletcher Smith http://www.fletchersmith.com/ For Sugar equipment sales enquiries outside of South Africa.
Sugar Milling Research Institute http://www.smri.org/ Central research organization for the SA sugar millers. General information technical information, Training, and technical reports.
SASRI http://www.sugar.org.za/sasri/ Central agricultural research organization for the SA sugar industry.