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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sugar?

Sugar is a sweet, soluble, nutrional dietary carbohydrate obtained from sugar cane, which acts as a primary source of energy.

What is raw sugar?

Raw sugar is a tan to brown crystal obtained from clarified sugar cane juice which is processed to make white or brown sugar.

What is Huletts SunSweet Sugar?

Huletts SunSweet Sugar is raw sugar. We have named it “SunSweet” because its colour and sweetness is determined by the sun.

What is Huletts White Sugar?

White Sugar is produced by dissolving raw sugar crystals and crystallising the purified syrup, thus making white sugar 99.9% pure, the purest food known to man.

Why is sugar used as an ingredient in so many processed foods?

Sugar not only acts as a sweetening and energy agent, but it is also fundamental as a preservative. It contributes to the bulking and flavour of food and it holds moisture which enables food to have a longer shelf life.

How can Sugar be stored to prevent lumps?

Brown sugar must be stored in polythene plastic bags to retain their moisture, and microwaved for 6 minutes to remove lumps, whilst granulated sugar and icing sugar should be stored in airtight containers.

What is Honey?

Honey is essentially, a mixture of sugars which varies in flavour depending on the source of nectar which is formed by the enzyme, invertase, present in the bodies of bees.

What is Golden Syrup?

Golden Syrup is a concentrated liquid mixture of sucrose, which is made by redissolving raw sugar in water and converting the sucrose to glucose and fructose.

What is treacle?

Treacle is a composition of final molasses and syrup which makes the product more palatable.

Does sugar make you fat?

For most people the body prefers to store fats and burn carbohydrates, which invariably means that weight reduction is the result of eating a wide variety of foods including sugar which forms part of the balanced diet.

Do we need sugar in our diets?

Nutritionists consider carbohydrates to be the primary source of energy, which is why sugar is fundamental in any diet, because it forms part of the nutrients needed by the body to supply the energy required.

Where can I find Sugalite?

In all major retailers, look for Huletts Sugalite in either the sugar aisle or the Diabetic/health foods aisle. Alternatively enquire with the store manager.

School projects?

See the information above or alternatively see the South Afican Sugar Association (SASA) website.www.sasa.org.za