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Type 1 Diabetes

Results from the body's failure to produce insulin, the hormone that "unlocks" the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them. It is estimated that 5-10% of people who are diagnosed with diabetes have diabetes type 1. Type 1 diabetes has no cure, but the outlook for people who have the disease is far better today than it was even 20 years ago.

Living with type 1 diabetes can still be a challenge, but improvements in patient education, blood sugar monitoring and insulin delivery have simplified the daily routine of managing the disease. Thanks to these and other advances, people with type 1 diabetes may now have life expectancies comparable to those of people without diabetes. The risk of disabling complications from type 1 diabetes has also been reduced.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects the way your body metabolises blood glucose. Glucose is vital to your health because it's your body's main source of fuel.

Type 2 diabetes develops when your body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin or when your pancreas produces some, but not enough, insulin to maintain a normal glucose level. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates the absorption of sugar into your cells.

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